Vision Board

Vision Board

To assist in fully conceptualizing my desires for this blog, I’ve created the vision board below.

While attempting to keep the visuals clear and not too cluttered, I decided on four main images. Two are of books, one of which being my personal favourites shelf, chosen to keep the element of a grounded outlook of my personality within the blog’s content. The other book image, as well as the page elements within the board, act to solidify the nature of this blog being book-focused. The other two images, from LGBTQ+ pride and a human rights protest respectively, represent the main mission of this blog, which is to promote, inspire, and create a safe space for marginalized individuals, particularly those who identify as QTBIPOC. Finally, I added the coloured circles on the right to represent the blog’s brand colours and tape elements to tie the board together. I believe this piece is general enough to not be too constricting as I move forward with my blog, but also specific enough to maintain the mission and professional goals of the blog.

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